Wallace Kitchen Remodel

//Wallace Kitchen Remodel

Wallace Kitchen Remodel


Mountain Creek Kitchen and Bath arrived on the scene and renewed Mrs. Wallace’s outdated kitchen! By removing a wall, Mrs. Wallace now has that larger feel she was looking for. We made her new kitchen very functional, giving her large “pots and pans” drawers, a lazy susan, and a single unit range instead of the original two separate units. We were even able to set aside a small dining area for her kitty!

Having worked with you previously on my bathroom I knew that you all would do a good job.  All workmen went beyond the call of duty and truly wanted to make me happy.  As a result, I couldn’t be happier.  It’s the kitchen I’ve waited for for 30 years.” – Mrs. Wallace


Mrs. Wallace came to us in need of a kitchen update. She still had the original, outdated kitchen in her house from the time it was built – 50 years ago. What Mrs. Wallace was looking for, in addition to the obvious need, was more storage space. Her kitchen appeared very small, had a separate oven and cooktop, and was not laid out ease of use.